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Boral Ltd, Kalgoorlie, Perth, Melbourne



  • Implemented best practice into the raw material store function resulting in a saving of $200K-$500K lost each month from un-billed revenue by developing an in house Job cost and stock tracking and analysis solution to address recurrent discrepancies in raw material stock valued at $200K – $500K each month.
  • Combining research, investigation, best practice, commercial insight and financial assessment to better evaluate CAPEX proposals by challenging and changing the outcome of a Lease or Buy proposal for the fleet of land fill equipment by providing insight on the impact of improved compaction (with own equipment) extending the life of the asset (landfill cell).
  • Contract performance management / review – Successfully completed a review of a long term contract that resulted in a back- claim of $4.5M as per the terms of a contract governed by ABS price indices
  • Financial analysis of LEAN initiatives at the product loading facility – Analysed the benefit of installing a product top up chute for quarry products. This initiative improved loading time and increased sales volumes.