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The Team

ECTerra is a team of experienced professionals that have worked on mining and geology related projects all over the world.

Have a look at their short biography below.

Christian Masurenko, CEO – EurGeol and Dipl. Geo

Chris is a EurGeol geologist with more than twenty years of managerial, technical, operational and project experience in a wide range of business, cultural and climatic environments and commodities. Chris has managed development programs, pre-feasibility & bankable feasibility studies, conceptual evaluations, scoping and acquisition studies and provided technical audits for project financing. Chris’s extensive feasibility study experience has included Putu Iron Ore Project in Liberia, Horizonte Minerals Ni Project in Brazil, KHA Ta Project in Mozambique and European Nickel in Turkey and Philippines. He has led or been a key member of long-term technical development and co-operation programs at Ghana Manganese Company in Ghana, European Nickel in Albania/Serbia/Turkey/BiH, Araguaia Nickel Project in Brazil and with the ICMM in Kosovo. He has hands-on experience in the management, business development of a range of exploration, mining and consulting companies with offices in Germany, Australia, and Sri Lanka. Chris is a great visionary with regards to transparency, social development, and environmental protection, bringing new ideas to the mining world.

He currently manages his own responsible small-scale mining project for Coltan in Liberia and tries to set a show case for fair, responsible, legal mining.

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Einar Rossmann – Dipl. Geo

Einar has 24 years of experience in the mining industry and consulting. After two masters in applied geology (Germany and France) he started his working life in France in a drilling company and then moved to the coal mining industry in Germany. Since then, he has held various positions in the mining cycle, from exploration to extraction and mine closure in different countries and continents, and due to his linguistic qualifications, he has also worked in many francophone countries. Many of these functions also required strong project management skills. A highlight was the work in the area of conflict minerals certification in the eastern DRC and the position as COO of a major iron ore project in Liberia. He has always had a special interest in small-scale mining, which he first encountered during his studies on a trip to French Guiana and Suriname.

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Mohamed Hamza, Management Accountant, CPA

Hamza has over 30 years of experience gained in senior roles in Finance within manufacturing and service sector organisations in Australia, UK, Germany, Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, Kosovo and Sri Lanka. He has served in multicultural and cross border business environments within service sectors such as Retail, Food, Transport & Logistics, Certification, Insurance and Financial services, whilst Manufacturing sector organizations consist of a thread dyeing and processing plant, open pit manganese mine, Quarry, underground Fluorspar mine and Asphalt plant. He is currently based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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Daniela Masurenko – Geologist & Admin Manager

Daniela is an economic geologist who gained her experience in Germany and W-Africa. Since 2022 she supports ECTerra in administrative and planning tasks and looks after the German office in Twistringen.
Today, Daniela additionally works in the social integration of school children. She is politically engaged and advises ECTerra on strategic issues related to the supply of raw materials.


Malte Masurenko – IT, Social Media & Web Manager

Malte has just started working for ECTerra in 2023 in terms of revising the homepage. He is a high school graduate who is now doing a social year at the Catholic Church in Twistringen before he starts studying history in October 2023.
He takes care of all aspects of the ECTerra website and advises the ECTerra team on all IT topics. He is also in charge of ECT’s social media channels.



Eur. Geol. Dr. Duncan Large – Senior Associate

Duncan Large is a European-based, independent geologist with over 30 years of experience in the mineral exploration and mining industry. Prior to becoming a consultant in 1981, Duncan spent 5 years with the Rio Tinto group mostly in Indonesia and Europe) and 4 years as a Research Scientist working at the TU Braunschweig on projects funded by German Federal Institute of Geosciences. Previous and present clients include mining and exploration companies, engineering consulting groups as well as government and international agencies.

Duncan was the Project Coordinator of EC-funded Projects on the design, development and testing of advanced magneto-telluric geophysical technologies in Europe. He has published numerous scientific papers, has served on the Editorial Board of Economic Geology and on the Council of the Society of Economic Geologists, USA, and has been invited to make presentations on a variety of topics at conferences and workshops. His research interests include stratabound and stratiform base metal mineralization, metallogeny of Europe, and sustainable mineral development in transition economies.

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Uwe Bruder, Consultant – Mineral Processing Engineer

What qualifies him as a reliable partner are more than 30 years of theoretical and practical work experience in mechanical process engineering, and processing of ores, minerals and recycling products worldwide.

With a degree in Mineral Processing at TU Bergakademie Freiberg he began my professional career in 1983. Until today and without any interruptions he has always passionately focused on minerals and ores through his consulting, Bruner Consult.

As a research team leader for uranium leaching, as a project and sales engineer for wet mechanical processing or as a sales manager for premium fine screening machines – his life has always been shaped by the interaction with people and processes.

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Joseph Njuma, Consultant – Mineral Processing Engineer

Joseph is a Social Performance Specialist with over 17 years of working experience with over 14 years, in technical and operational project experience, assisting and helping clients/companies to identify and manage project-related social and reputation risk, managing community relations and stakeholder engagement.

Joseph assists companies /clients obtain and secure the social licenses, design and implement social management plans, land access and acquisition, develop relevant policy and medium – and long-term strategic plans that align and ensure compliance to international standards, sector-specific guidelines and company-wide policies and guidelines in mining and metals, power and energy gas sectors.

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Addison Mining consultants – Geological Mining Consultants

Through decades of experience in the mining industry Addison Mining Services has established a network of highly capable and experienced mineral industry experts who operate as part of a dynamic team.

Their core consulting team oversee, manage and deliver quality tailored solutions with the support of our extended network of associate consultants.

AMS provides quality solutions throughout the mining cycle for a variety of commodities across the globe including:

  • Exploration services and management
  • Geological modelling
  • Resource and reserve estimation
  • Competent person and mineral expert reports including JORC 2012 and CIM / NI31-101
  • Mine design and pit optimisation studies
  • Training, guidance and procedure design

Inros Lackner – Worldwide engineering expertise

Inros Lackner stands for sophisticated architectural and engineering solutions. Their ability to consistently provide such solutions is based on their unique expertise and experience profile, developed during a period of over 80 years in the industry. Whether providing specialised services or taking on the role of General Planner, we assist our clients in all stages of the planning and design process, offer comprehensive guidance and, by efficiently managing approval and construction phases, help to ensure the project’s success. With interdisciplinary teams they can ensure technically, ecologically and economically optimal solutions.

Key Competencies;

  • Complex Buildings
  • Maritime Engineering and ports
  • Energy, Environment and sustainability
  • Infrastructure
  • Approvals Management
  • Project and Construction Management

Richflood – Environmental, Social and Governance Consultants

Richflood offers an integrated approach that combines industry expertise and assistance in maximising projects’ social benefits while minimising their environmental impacts through systematic stakeholders engagement standard practices, impact analysis and mitigation, monitoring and follow up to ensure project sustainability throughout the project lifecycle.

Their approach working in African countries is unique and pays attention to local regulations while upscaling the standard where necessary. The new partnership will enable the group to deliver all aspects of economic studies, project management, social and community development, and environmental aspects of exploration & mining.

Technical Capabilities…

Synergy Global Consulting – Community relations management

Whether it’s helping to resettle a community in adherence to international best practices or conducting a social impact and risk assessment, Synergy Global are passionate about what they do because they understand the impact and potential a company can have in a community, in a nation’s economy and in the world.

Their consultancy is a leading choice for companies operating in complex and challenging environments because of their expertise in social issues, their global agility and their proven track record.

  • Resettlement
  • Community relations management
  • Social impact and risk assessment
  • Stakeholder consultation, analysis and planning
  • Social baseline studies